YOLO peeps! Kinda in a good mood. LOL, I talked to a friend and got some necessary things of my chest. I jus needed to talk to someone about that thing. LOL so now that's over I am just sitting here blogging, messaging on facebook and listening to Demi Lovato. Gosh, that woman is amazing!

Tomorrow I have to working again! That is exciting 'cause I'll have something to do. Yeah and amen to that. I mean not that I didn't have anything to do today. I had to go shopping. Some necessary had to be bought. Yeah, day cream and makeup remover pads are necessary . Yeah, I mean if you ask a fangirl like me. Okay those things are not fangirl related but, yeah LOL. Just me being me I guess.

I did my nails earlier tonight since I have to work tomorrow. I mean I want to look pretty and you, gotta represent. YOLO. White with a silver tip. Gosh, talking about shopping, I need to buy new nail polish remover. Hmmm, I like the one's they have at CVS but unfortunately we don't have CVS in Sweden. Unfortunately I don't live in the US anymore. Sadly that is true.


Fresh nails


After close-up

your writer, Erika


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