Gymnasiemässan 2008

Before I tell you about gymnasiemässan (which is a school convention) I want to warn you about this dangerous animal! I'll post a picture so you know how she looks like. I you see this cat be aware! She may look sweet but no, no! She will seriously kill you if she get the chance! LOL, ok, she may not kill you, but she attacked me for no reason. I have scars on my leg and my arm!
Today I went to gymnasiemässan with my school. It was so awsome and so fun! I got a cool t-shirt that says I LOVE MYSPACE. Yeah! I got a t-shirt. I loved it. There was so many school I want to go to. But some are to far away so, I don't know. I don't want to move away from Stockholm. I love Stockholm! I am going to post dome pictures from the convention on myspace if you want to see the. Oh, my hoodie that I have been working on in school is done so I'll put up some pictures on myspace of it!

your writer, Erika.


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