A new day

Today I am going to try to make my mom take me and see HSM3. She promised me that we were going to see a movie this week and I want to see HSM3 (and Tropic Thunder).
Today I will post a song a wrote a little while ago called Hello. I'll hope you like it. I do.
I am not buying those pirate tattoos for Alex because he like allergic to fake tattoos. What a bummer! But I think I am buy him a pirate cup because he has one but it's broken. I saw one that's really cool and I'll think he'll like. I feel so bad for him because the night between friday and saturday he had to go to the ER because he had trouble breathing. It's so sad because he seems to be sick all the time. He's five years old! You know he luvs the Grease movie. I remember last friday when I was picking up something that his mom was giving me he was watching Grease. It was so funny because when the dance numbers started he tried to dance like they did in the movie. It was so cute!

your writer, Erika.


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