We all have to go back

Tomorrow there's school again. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I haven't been to school for two weeks now and I don't feel like going back, but there's only two weeks until fall break. Two weeks, I can handle that. The reason I haven't been to school is that I have had prao. It's been fun. Maybe not fun but ok. It's fun to do something else for a change.
I finally know what I am going to buy Alex for christmas (Alex is almost like my little brother, he's my moms friends son). Pirate tattoos, fake ones of course. I can write what I am buying for all the kids because they can't read or at least not in english. So that will make him really happy. he's always wearing fake tattoos and he has a pirate room.
Before I end this post I have a question for everybody that reads this blog: Who the hell is the cute guy next to Joe and Big Rob?

your writer, Erika.


  1. He sort of looks similar to Zac Efron??? Just my guess. Let me know if you find out who he really is!
    Joe & Jenn Jonas


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