I heart JB

Guess what I tuned in on MTV when I got home and TRL was on and guess who was on it? The Jonas Brothers of course! It was a different episode then this morning. Yes! I love them so much, more then you could ever know! I want to marry all three of them! I remeber when I met them at the cd signing in july this year. They were so nice. Especially Kevin! Awww, I think I am gonna cry. I miss them. I miss their hugs! Everything about them. Don't you?!
I find out about this earlier this week, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have gotten engaged.

your writer, Erika.


  1. haha, alla har likadana solglasögon. G E E K =)

  2. awww that is sad you miss them so much!! They seem sooo sweet! I can't wait to meet them!!! Write soon Erika!
    p.s. i would love a comment from you!!


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