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"På torsdag äts det ärtsoppa, på lördag är det fest, men fredag är den dag som känns bäst............"! LOL, finally friday and Idol again. I haven't seen it in a whole week. Good, I am glad I am still alive. My friend Madde told me today that she goes to the same school as Alice Svensson (one of the girls in Idol 2008 - she has an amazing voice btw) sister. That's cool (if it's true). No, I am just kidding of course I believe you Madde! Ok I am not gonna post the rest of the Britney song that I found yesterday, but I am going to post some videos from Miley Cyrus sweet 16 bash last sunday later on in this post. Right now I am rocking out to the Jonas Brothers cd A Little Bit Longer. I love that cd. Truly the best cd I've ever bought! I saw a preview of the Band in a Bus episode We'll be fine and it showed Nick checking his blood value or something similar. I seriously started crying. I know a five year old kid that has diabetes (he has the same type as Nick has) and I asked him the other day if it hurts when he have to take "injections" (I don't mean injections but I don't know how to explain it - ok when he checks his blood value he have to stick a like needle in his finger to get some blood out - god I am the worst explainer in the world) and he said No. He's so barve! Ok, I really don't think it hurts too but it's just that I have sat my mind on that it will, so sometimes I am kind of scarred. I always have to hold somebodies hand to calm my self down. They are so brave both Nick and Emil (that five year old kid). Mostly Emil because he's five. If I had diabetes I could never check the blood value on my self or yes I could but stick a needle in my finger no. I don't want to feel any pain. LOL, I know it doesn't hurt. I'm not that brave.
Mileys Sweet Sixteen bash, enjoy:

There's two interwiev videos first the there's four videos of Miley preforming and the a video of peole saying happy birthday with fireworks. You should watch all the videos.

your writer, Erika.


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