School shit

Sunday, sunday, sunday. The last day of the weekend. Sad. This weekend I've been studying for an other test that I have on tuseday. God, it's like a freaking test-season but soon it's fall break. The week after the fall break we are going to work with the presidential election that's going on in the US. The election is the week so our teacher thought it was a good idea for us to work with that. I was like yes. He's not there that week we can either work with the election our start on the next thing we are going to work with. I was like sitting quietly in my seat thinking "The election, the election, the election!". I hope you guys don't have as much homework as I do!
Don't forget to watch the Jonas Brothers new music video, Lovebug, that premieres today.

your writer, Erika.


  1. Men shit du suger på att uppdatera. UPPDATERA MERA!


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