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Guess who pregnant, again? Jamie-Lynn Spears! She's eight weeks pregnant and when she found out she was pregnant again she cried for hours. I though being a mom was a the best thing that's ever happened to her. Ok, I know it may be the best thing ever happened to and she's 17 and think that's enough for a while. Poor Jamie. Some people think she's doing a Britney get pregnant and then crash and burn. When Sean Preston got it didn't take long until Britney was pregnant again. But I hope Jamie-Lynn is not going down the same path a Britney. I read somewhere that insane runs in their family.
Do you know Jamie-Lynn is named Jamie-Lynn? It's because When her father found out that Lynn Spears was pregnant again he didn't want to admit that it was his child. So when I finally took a paternity test and found out it was his child Jamie and Lynn decided that she should have both of their names so everybody knew she was their daughter.

you writer, Erika.

.p.s. buy Katy Perry new cd One Of the Boys, It's great! I bought it yesterday.


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