New layout

So what do you think about my new layout? I've been looking for a new one for ages now! I thought it was time to switch layout because I've had the old one since the blog started in march 2007. Wow, I can't believe so much time has gone by. In a way it feels like no time at all because in some way it feels like I've had this blog forever. I think if I hadn't started this blog I don't think I would have the same grade in english that I have now. So in a way this blog have changed my life. LOL! I like blogging. It seems like everybody have a blog these days.
Just a little question: Do you think I should put some of my videos back to public on youtube? Now you may think, what you only have 36 videos. But no, no I have tons of videos. Ok, maybe not tons of videos, but alot. Tell me waht you think and your wish might just come true. LOL, got a little carried away. I do that sometimes.
Right now I am listening to some music on iTunes. I don't know why but I listen more to music on iTunes then I listen to cd's. Weird huh? Or maybe not, but anyway I just do it.
Now I have to brush my teeth (and go a little crazy)!

your writer, Erika.
.p.s. If you have any suggestions for cooler blog layout, let me know!


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