I just tuned in on MTV and TRL is on and the Jonas Brothers are on! Yeah! Besides that I am looking at pictures from Miley Cyrus sweet sixteen. I love the dress and the shoes she wore.

I am so jealous at her she always looks so beautiful! I love Miley. I wished I could have had been there (at the party). But I live in Sweden so the tickets for party+plane tickets+hotel would cost alot of money (that I don't have - sadly). I wonder how her real birthday party is going to be the one she'll probably have on her birthday (23/11). Probably amazing! I have seen pictures and videos of her 15th birthday party. She so lucky to have people to plan such a amazing surprise party for her.

your writer, Erika.


  1. Hur orkar du skriva på engelska :O! Knääääppis. :')


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