There's a first time for everything

Today when we took the class picture and I had to sit down. SIT DOWN! I've never sat down at a class picture before. In the picture I'm sitting between to Agnes and Malin. I guess there's a first time for everything! I can't wait to see the pictures. Tomorrow we are taking the spex photo. That is going to be so much fun! I trashed one of my t-shirts, but the t-shirt doesn't look trashed it looks really cool! I quoted one of JB's songs, When You Look Me In The Eye's. I am totally saving this t-shirt for a concert with the bros! "WHEN YOU LOOK ME IN THE EYE'S I CATCH A GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN, I FIND MY PARADISE", and there's a heart. I wrote it on the back of the t-shirt. It's so awesome, I love so much.
Tomorrow I am going to see Get Smart with my mom. I hope it's good.
Agnes thought I should tell you guys that is was pancakes for lunch today, LOL!

your writer, Erika.


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