BB Good

Today a new girl started in my class. I asked, Agnes who I am sitting next to, if she was a teacher or a new student LOL. I couldn't really see clearly from were I was sitting. I feel that the new girl and myself are going to be great friends. I know that because she loves the Jonas Brothers and she want to marry Joe. I was like hell no, he's mine LOL. I am going to marry all of them!
Today after lunch I had to go home because I am sick. I have a cold! It's not so nice. I missed english class today. English classes can be really fun from time to time. I remember - in 7th grade - when we had a test on a homework we just had - I hadn't done the homework, don't ask why because I don't why - and I just blackout on some of the parts in the test and just wrote something down. Guess what I A's that test. I am so smart!

your writer, Erika.


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