The Voice 08

Yesterday I didn't do so much. So I got bored so I said to myself why not make some cookies. I really didn't felt like making some cookies so I made "chokladbollar" (=chocolteballs, or whatever you call them). I am going to change the recipe a little bit the next time I'll make them.
I also went to The Voice 08 concert. I was fun. On the train I met my friend Agnes and her best friend. It was so weird because, when I saw her - of course I said, Hi - I just started laughing and then she did. I laughed because I haven't seen her all summer and I should have like a million stuff to tell her about my summer but I really didn't have anything to say to her. Which is weird! Don't you think. Well, anyway i showed her a picture on my camera of my two signed JB CD's and she was like; OMG, that's so cool! and then she asked me if I've met them and then I said: of course! She thought that was so cool! She said that tough she doesn't like their music she thought it was really cool that I've met them.
When I got to Kungsträdgården - where The Voice concert was - there was tons of people. I tried to get as close to the stage as possible. I got to a point when people didn't want to move any more so I had to stand still. But then there was some people that decided to get in front of the stage, so I just started following them. By following these strangers I got to the 1st row! I can tell you that it was crazy there. One girl fainted and the security guards had to lift some people over the fence because the couldn't breathe or for some other reasons. It was crazy! When Petter (a Swedish rapper) got of the stage he said the all the people in front of the stage should calm down so we didn't kill each other! After that everybody calmed down a little bit but it was still crazy so I left and started looking for my mom after Crossfire. It was fun but it wasn't worth it. I mean I didn't want to get hurt or worse get send to the hospital!

hugs are overrated, just FYI - your writer, Erika.


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