It bothers me

Do you konw what bothers me, I don't even have Miley's cd yet! Oh man what am I going to do!
Today Love Guru premiers here in Sweden and I am not going to see it today I am going to see it next week! It seems really good and funny. Justin Timberlake is in it if you didn't already know that. Cool! He is really good! I have the movie Edison on DVD which he is starring in.
Yesterday was the first day of ung08. Which is a festival for teenagers. It wasn't really as fun as last year. Well on Saturday which is the last on the festival The Voice 08 concert is from 7pm-10pm. Flo-Rida, Lazee, Adam Tensta, Colby O´Donis and many more are set to preform. I think I am going. I want to get backstage, well that's not gonna happen (you never know) and meet everybody. I would be cool to meet Adam again and Flo-Rida and Colby.
School start next week and I really don't feel like going. One thing I don't get is that our teachers say that everything we learn is something we are going to be needing in the future but I know someone and she's over 50 and she says that (she was helping me with my math homework and she said that she never had to use this in her life). I believe our teachers just likes to see us in pain. Just because they feel bad about something doesn't give them the right to bring us down. Well, I don't take crap from my teachers, I talk back. LOL! You got to stand up for yourself! Believe in yourself, it's important!

hugs are overrated, just FYI - your writer, Erika.


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