Friends & school

Hola! I just ate dinner. Yummy!
Sometimes I feel like me and my friends really don't have that have many common interests. One of my friends have all the sudden gotten obsessed with Tokio Hotel. I really don't like them! But it really doesn't matter 'cause they are really nice and we have fun together. An other friend has change a little bit since a an other girl (she my friend, we went to MIKA together, Maja) started in our class. Not that it's bad but she has become more like her. Maja can be a little bit strange sometimes.
It's like Malin (we're really not friends any more) can say and do the most weirdest stuff that makes you wonder if she's real. But that's kind of why you likes her. LOL!
I thought about something horrible this morning: I ONLY HAVE THIS WEEK AND NEXT WEEK TO DO WHATEVER I WANT BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I hate school. Maybe sometimes it can be fun (JUST SOMETIMES and that very rare). But most of the times it really boring. It's like one of our teachers always yell at us and that have to raise us (that's insulting to our parents) 'casue we never listen (and he doesn't get we why). He's impolite and mean and UGLY! No, one likes him. He's always mean. He always complains that I am late for all the morning classes. Hello, it's only like 5 minutes. I have a very good reason, I can't find something to wear! That's the biggest reason why I am late. My math teacher always screams at my when I am late (she's weird, it's only like one or two minutes). Hate her. I the fucking school! No not really it's a good school, but huh sometimes I wish yeah sometimes I wish. I like (you know that class when you bake and make stuff that you eat), that's like the easiest class in the world.
I can't wait to see the new mummy movie on Friday. I have seen the trailer (duh!). I also can't wait for Hannah Montana The Movie and the new Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert D Jr. Do you know that his wife is one of the producers. Cool! and Guy Ritchie is directing the whole thing! I was surprised when I found out that he was an director.

Bye all my lovely people - your writer, Erika.


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