School picture

Today I am having a little spa day because tomorrow we will have our class picture taken and the individual photos and the school picture (which you barley see your self on). So I want to look good. Later I am going to dig through my closet to find something awesome to wear tomorrow. Ok, the picture is taken in the afternoon, but that means I got to be extra careful at HK (cooking class or whatever you call it). I don't remember what we are going to cook. I wasn't there last week because I was sick but my partner is Agnes and she told me what she choice. We have that class after lunch and tomorrows lunch is wholemeal pancakes, I can't eat to much at lunch because then I won't be able to eat what we're cooking.
Today at PE we had to run like 2km in the forest. But I didn't do that I took a shortcut because I wanted to shower at home (I don't like the showers at school, they smell weird. No one even shower in school, not any of my friends).
On friday Get Smart premieres here in Sweden and I'm going to try to get my mom to go with me (and pay for the tickets). I know she want to she it. She said she like the trailer and Dwayne Johnsson it the movie and she's BIG fan of him. She says she likes he muscles. But who doesn't, ok I don't but I think he has a great smile.
Now I have to say goodbye because I have homework to do. Love you all!

your writer, Erika.


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