Just being me

Today or more likely this afternoon I've been cleaning my room and moved some stuff around. It looks good.
I saw the new episode of the M&M show this morning. I tried the game Mandy played and it's really surprising! LOL. If you want to try it just search for scary maze game on google. It's fun, but if you're easy scared don't try it. It's nothing for you then! I warn you!
Right now I am watching GG (Gossip Girl) it's re-runs. It's one of the first episodes. I love Ed Eastwick as Chuck. He's so hot! Chace is hot too, but in this episode I'll have to say Ed! No doubt! When I was going to vote at TCA08 this morning I found out the the voting was closed! It's a good thing that I've been voting everyday!
Soon I am going to bake some cookies. Yummy! I love the dough! I could just eat the dough and don't make any cookies. LOL!

your writer, Erika.


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