Things Have Changed

There's was something I was supposed to write but I forgot, but anyway I am watching TV (How I Met Your Mother).
Have you heard the worst thing ever (not that I care if it's true 'cause I don't care about stuff like that I really don't, anyway I hope it's just a stupid rumor like with Zac Efron) according to a website called one of the members in JB is gay! On posh24 - where I found out about this - no one thought it was Nick, most of them thought it was Kevin and a few think it's Joe. If it's true I will still like there music and still think all of them are hot - which they all are. Don't forget it's Joe's 19th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!
For some reason - I don't know why - the premier of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been pushed forward until July 17th 2009. What's the deal about that!!! Now I am mad! I hope it's not true, because on IMdb it still stands that it will premier in November. I hope it still will premier in November!

hugs are overrated, just FYI - your writer, Erika.


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