Just an other morning

Good morning world! What's up? I am watching TV (I do that every morning).
Blääää, soon school starts (in a few weeks). I hate school. Don't you!
I hope there's something good on TV tonight! A good movie or something. But if it's not anything good on TV I have alot of good DVDs. Have you ever seen The Last Kiss with Zach Braff and Rachel Bilson. I love that movie. It's really good.
Disney Channel keep doing commercials for DC Games and Camp Rock saying that they are coming soon. I want to know when they are airing. I want to see DC Games (love that show) and Camp Rock. Did you know that there's going to be a Camp Rock 2. I knew that they were going to do a second movie before the first movie even got released. I wonder what this one is going to be about and if Nick and Kevin have bigger parts in this one. I mean if they are more in this one then the last one. I love the songs in the first movie. I think I am going to buy the soundtrack.

xoxo - your writer, Erika. morning


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