Guys x4

Hi, sorry I didn't update last night! I was really sick but I am better now so don't worry! I bought a FRIDA magazine today and there was an interview with Kevin Jonas. In the interview he said at the cd signing (they had in Stockholm back in June) there was about 400 people. He said the he was amazed that there was so many fans there waiting for him and his brothers when they never been here before! OMG, like they are surprised, what did they expect?! They are the Jonas Brothers! They are going to be one of those bands that other bands in 50 years get compared to!
Well, there is this guy (he's a Swedish singer and he's really cute and talented), Jonathan Fagerlund and he is playing on GrönaLund tomorrow, I think. There's this contest that if you are there at 12 am and say hello to his dog you could win a few signed stuff. That's so cool, so I am going to try to be there. He's so nice (Jonathan), every time I write to him on myspace he writes back! That's so nice!!!! I hope he gets alot of success!

I never thought that I catch this love bug again - your writer, Erika.


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