Friday afternoon/night

Wow, what a day! First school (that wasn't really a big WOW) as I go to every monday-friday and after school me and Agnes went to Kista and ate some nuts, ice-cream and did the last thing on our english project. We sat outside Tasty House (OMG they have the best candy, nuts and ice-cream ever!!!). Tasty House is a newly opened cafe or what every you should call it. It was really fun sitting there doing some homework instead of just sitting at home. You should try it!
When we were done we went to the cinemas and took some really cool pictures!

I bet you didn't know that I was a part of the cast (LOL, just kidding I am not part of the cast but I wish)
Doesn't it look cool! I think so. I can't wait for the movie to premiere!
Today I saw Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds concert in 3D on Disney Channel! OMG It was so awesome I loved it! I got to buy the DVD and the CD! But I was surprised that the movie was so short. I thought the movie was longer. I guess I was wrong. Don't go and get the wrong idea now: I am not disappointed in anyway. I completely loved it. I wish I could meet Miley. That would be so awesome! I don't think I would freak out so much (maybe just seconds before or something like that). I would probably freak out as much as when I met the Jonas Brothers. Miley seems really cool. Just like you and me. You know what I mean, a normal teenager that like to have fun and be with her friends (and loves clothes and shoes and all the other stuff that you can't live without if you're a girl :). She seems really cool. Miley you rock! Now I am off to watch Sahara! Bye love you all <3
your writer, Erika.


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