God!, this is so not fair! We are going to "praoa" again and we found out about it last week and we are going to praoa in a few weeks. How can they do that?!?! They usely tell us at the spring and not just a with a few weeks notice. I mean they (the teachers) used to tell the 8th graders in the spring so they have a long time to find somewhere to praoa. So all the good places are taken. All the big companys like Universal Music Group, FRIDA (ok, that's a magazine but anyway) and Warner Bros. and probably other places. I don't want to praoa at a store. I just don't. So to drown my sorrows I baked a cake and started litening to Lil Waynes song Lollipop (I heard it the other day and it's actully really good. I never really liked it before). Is there an other way. If I would like to know! It's driving me crazy, 'cause I can't think of anywhere that would want to praoa. Help me please!!! I begging you, all of you that's reading this. Ok, if it's the year 2012 or 2039 and your reading this: YOUR TOO LATE! Don't even bother leaving a comment then, but it's ok to leave yout thoughts about this. That's ok! It's allways if leave nice ones.
Oh, I almost forgot, check out this cool Jesse McCartney fansite http://iheartjesse.com/. I guess I could say goodbye now, goodbye!

your writer, Erika.


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