New shows

Tonight Idol 2008 (swedish version of American Idol) starts and right after that it the premiere of the second season of Heroes on TV. Finally! and on sunday there will be new episodes of One Three Hill on kanal5. Oh, there going to be a new game show on TV6 called Hål I Väggen. It's the same thing as Ellen DeGeneres does on her show, Trough the wall or take a fall. I can't wait for all these new shows to start!
I just want to say this my friend, Agnes, said she got her jacket stolen today. I said to clam her down that she probably left it at home or somewhere but she said no. If someone stole it, F**** YOU. Seriously how can you sink to that level. God, I don't like people that steel things. It's so unbelievably low! I hope you find your jacket Agnes!

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