The golden wallet

Hi! Sorry I haven't been able to update so much this week, but I have had alot of homework and a test. So, study study study! God, I hate school! Blääääää! Don't you! Ok, I really don't hate school, I just hate all the homework and the study part. Seriously sometime with all the school stuff there no time to do stuff you really want to do (like shopping). I mean sometime i am so tired when I come home from school to do anything. I just turn on the TV and just lay there.
Oh, yesterday I bought this really cool golden wallet in real leather. I had my mind on getting the black one but when I got to the store it looked so boring! I got the golden one instead. Just look at it, isn't it just gorgeous!

I love it. I needed a new wallet too. My old wallet couldn't fit all my cards. OMG it's perfect!

your writer, Erika.


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