Me against the world

People actually reads this blog! I finally know that! Ok I know my friends do, but people I don't know. I know that because I've got comments. Cool! I wonder if they are everyday readers or just ended up here, because sometimes I just end up on other peoples blogs. Awesome!
I wonder how other people see me. If they hate me, like me, love me, adore me or want to kill me (like the way Agnes says she want to do with Kenza - Agnes think Kenza is perfect and that she has it made). I wonder if they think it's boring or want to be just like me? I wonder if they think I'm a normal teenager? These are the questions I ask myself.
There's this guy in my class that all the sudden thinks I'm a bitch. I mean come on. I am so not a bitch. He only says that because I talked like bitch for one whole lesson last week. I am not a bitch! Tell me I'm not!
Today it's Idol again and Heroes right after! That's something I can't miss. I love the new judges!
I might stop by later tonight and I might not. Bye, bye :)

your writer, Erika.


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