The Idols

It's less then an hour until Idol starts!!! and Americas Next Top Model. I can't believe they're are at the same time. I missed Top Model last night because I thought it was at nine! I hope that there will be re-runs this weekend. I don't wanna miss Idol. I saw re-runs of Idol 2005 today and I saw Ola, Måns Zelmerlöw and Sibel. It was Måns birthday so Tobbe and that other guy gave him a cake with the Idol logo on it. I love Olas music or I like his second cd and the song from Melodifestivalen. All of them are big stars here in Sweden now but the winner that year, Agnes Carlsson is not and she's releasing a new cd soon. Why? Sibel looks like she has anorexia now (ok she looked like she had it in melodifestivalen) but she sings really good. She has a great voice.
Soon I have to do some homework. Spanish. In our english calss we are going to do a project about our favorite band. We have to work in pair so I am working with Agnes. Since she obsessed with Tokio Hotel and I have OJD we had a real big problem who to chose. Agnes is a great friend and agreed that our project could be about JB but later that lession I diseded that we should have an artist or band that we both like. So we picked Fergie then Rihanna then Fergie then Pink (more Agnes chose then mine) but when we finally made up our minds we chose Pussycat Dolls!
So tomorrow after school we are going to do everything we have left to do so we can parctise our presention on fridays lession. We have to have a presention infront of the calss on monday.

Måns Zelmerlöw
Brother Oh Brother

Feel Good

Make Believe

your writer, Erika.

it never goes any good for the swedish Idol winners


  1. What do you mean by "why"? Agnes is a big star here in Sweden. She´s also way better than the others from the Swedish Idol-show. That is just fact.


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