You decide

If you read this blog, I want to do something for me: Tell all of your friends!! I want this blog to get more readers! I know it has readers because people comment. It's fun to read the comments so keep up with that. Oh, if you have anything you want me to bring up just email me or post a comment at any post ´cause I'll read it, even it you post a comment on my first post ever for this blog. Doesn't matter I'll read it.
I may post an other post later tonight, it depends on how tiered I am. I go up so early for school every weekday so in the evening I an quite tired. I am even missed the first half hour of Heroes last night 'cause I feel a sleep for about 30 minutes.

your writer, Erika.


  1. Hey i love your blog it is so much fun to read! I have subscribed to it. Check me out....since you also love the Jonas Brothers....
    Jenn & Joe Jonas:)

    p.s. if you forget!


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