Premiere of High School Musical 3: Senior Year

OMG! It was so fun! I was there at around 10am and there were hardly anyone there (ok, two girls that had been there since 7am!). When the theater opened at 11am I went inside because it was so cold. Eventually I got bored and went and bought my mom christmas gift. I can't tell you what it is 'cause I don't know if she reads my blog. Sorry guys! Then I went back to the filmstaden Sergel. I noticed something weird when I was there. At the screens where they show which movie they'll be showing all day long, I saw High School Musical 3 on the screens. I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Of course it was sold out, it's High School Musical 3 for god's sake.
When I waited outside I got really cold and so tired! So I sat down and I almost fell a sleep. I waited outside for hours. When Now or Never started playing in the speakers at around 5.15pm everybody went nuts. The song that got play was Now or Never, I Want It All and a song I don't know the name of. Those songs got play over and over and over again. I didn't care 'cause I love them! There were a few swedish celebrities. Ola, Amy Diamond, Vendela, Molly Sandén (Molly and Ola have done a cover of You Are The Music In Me, if you want to hear it just search for Du är musiken i mig with Ola Svensson and Molly Sandén) and some other celebrities I don't know the name of. Erik from the swedish pop group Whatz Up interview celebrities for Disney Channel. I'm gonna be on Disney Channel because of that! There was a guy who told everyone where I stood to screem when Erika walked out the door and I am shore I got caught on camera. When Zac and Vanessa finally showed up (I think they were a little bit late, not shore because I didn't have a watch on me) everybody went nuts again. A girl next to me asked if they were really there (people started screaming for no reason before so everybody thought they had arrived) and I said yes I can see Zac. then she asked me what he was wearing. Zac and Vanessa were the only people kind enough to write autographs. When Ola came everybody started screaming at him because they wanted his autograph. He went to the crowd and shaked hands with a few people or something. I Zac and Vanessa didn't write any autographs to people were I was standing but I was so near them like three feet or something. If you've seen the video the video I put up last night, you can see the I'm really close, no zoom on!
On my way home I met Agnes and Åsa. Agnes was like I was three feet away from Vanessa Hudgens OMG, OMG, OMG! I was like don't you hate her (she always syas the she such a hoe because of the nude pictures and when I told her about this she said ewwwwwwwwww I hate them and now she's all overwhelmed and everything because she was really close top them. She said that she really not a fan but it's so cool because she's been near them. Read her blog about it

your writer, Erika.

.p.s. my next post will be my 200th


  1. I think you are so amazing for getting to do all this fun stuff! It's so cool to have a friend all the way over in sweden! WOOT! Hey vote on my poll k? Write more soon PLEASE!
    Jenn Jonas


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