How To Be Successful

There is really no recipe for success. It's also really hard to say do this and that and you will achieve whatever it is you want. But I would say that a big part of success is motivation. Yes I haven't achieved all of what I want. A goal that I have had in life and that I have been lucky enough to accomplish is going to college in the United States. The whole gollege thing may not have turned out exactly like I planned from the begining but I did it. That's a huge accomplishment that I am proud of and happy that I did. A former colleague at Espresso House, Emilia, said a really good thing about that. She has also previously studied in the US. She took a year off from high school in Sweden to study a year of high school in the US. What she said was that when she was growing up she didn't really do any sports or something like that that she was proud of. And going to school in another country is a really huge thing to have done and something that you should be really proud of. So when someone asks her what she has done in her life that she is proud of she mentions that she has studied in the US.

As I said motivation is a really big part of success. If you want to achieve something and be successful you got to stay motivated and never give up. But how to you do that? I am going to speak for myself now. I try to surround myself with people who inspire me and things that inspire me. I try do be in enviroments that make me feel good. All this so that I can keep a postive attitude. I have learned that when you stay postive, postive things happen. I mean why should good things happen if you always keep a bad attitude?

your writer, Erika


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