Booty Boot Camp

OMG, my ass is so sore! I have switched to another booty workout that is way harder. But it's way better that it's way harder because that means I get more out of it. This booty workout is only 30 minutes but don't let the short time fool you! Instead you should actually fear that it's so long. Oh my gosh! I am crying half way through wanting to quit but I don't because I am so focused on my goal. Quitting won't teach me any good. What kind of mindset am I setting for myself if I quit? I mean if I quit this time maybe I'll quit the next time it gets hard and then it gets bad cycle of me quitting things when it gets hard. NO! It's when it gets hard that you have to push harder and harder because eventually it will get easier. When it gets hard I always keep focusing on the goal. It may not get easier at that moment but it makes it all worth it. So yeah in a way it gets easier.

I have done this workout before but just picked it up again because I know this one is going to give me more than the one I was doing. Try it out for yourself! It's not just a really good booty workout it's also a great workout for you thighs. Good thigh muscles are never a bad thing.

your writer, Erika


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