Chia Pudding Is The Real Protein Pudding

Hi. So you know I am all about that organic, chemical-free food life. Well I try. I was think about it this weekend how protein pudding is so unnecessary. Protein pudding is mostly just chemicals. Yes, it has a lot of protein which is good for you, but all of those chemicals makes it not worth it. The thing is that per 100g chia seeds has more protein than protein pudding have!* Plus chia seeds has so much more nutrion.

So why chia pudding? Well as I mentioned above chia seeds have a lot of nutrion. 16,5g of protein, 7,7g of iron, 335mg of magnesium (which is almost the daily recommened intake) and 631mg calcium (which is more than half of the daily recommened intake). Those are just a few of the nutrients that are in chia seeds. Chia really is a SUPERFOOD!

Chia pudding is so amazing because there are like a million way to eat it. I usally eat my chia pudding with organic strawberry jam, my own homemade granola or some organic berries. It can be a little tricky to make. My recipe for chia pudding is 0,5dl of chia seeds mixed with 2dl of milk. I usally use regualr milk or almond milk. If you want you can use coconut milk or cream or whatever floats you boat. I also flavor my pudding with vanilla sugar, cinnamon or cradamom. After 20 minutes you need to stir the pudding. Otherwise you're going to have chunks of chia pudding floating in the milk. Then you just let it sit for at least 3-4 hours and then it's done.

your writer, Erika
*I compared grainways chia seeds with nije's and Barbells protein pudding


  1. Det är ju så gott med chiapuddingar! Äter det ofta och brukar lägga upp i vinglas då det ser mycket lyxigare och roligare ut.

    1. Precis! Chiapudding är så enkelt att göra lyxigt :)


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