I am so bored! Blagsch! I am researching for this paper that I have to write. It only has to be 600 words but the problem is that I don't have the course books yet. I ordered them earlier this week so hopefully I'll get them on Monday or Tuesday since the paper is due in Thursday. Gosh! So annoying, like I am so bored! I am researching because you don't have to have the books to write the paper you can either use the books or some other academic literature. Hmmm and I have neither at the moment. Bored is the word. I am kind of doing this gender analysis of Hitchcock's Psycho. So if you know any academic paper (preferably somewhere online) about Psycho pretty pretty pretty please send it to me. Just post the link below. I will be so greatful for you help. Seriously why can't NE be free like wikipedia? Cheapstakes!

Yeah, yeah. I think that I might go to the gym tomorrow. Just for the fun of it. No but I bought some gym clothes at Victoria's Secret when I lived in SB and well I should probably use them since I bought them. But also it's good for the body to work out.

your writer, Erika


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