A Job

Yo. Gosh I need a job. I don't want a job but I kinda need one. I mean it would be nice to have some extra money just for fun times. Also I have all of this free time. I go to school three days a week, so I have four days off but I rather not work weekends. Hahaha. I rather keep 'em free. In the US I went to school Modnay's, Wednesday's and I had one lesson in the morning on Friday's. So I had a lot of free time as you can tell. What did I do with all of that time? Well, what did my time after all my homework was finished? I believe that/ feel like your free time is more rewarding when you have all your school work out of the way. At least the huge things. So what did I do with my time you ask? Well, I spent my money. I went shopping. I tried to do other things, like all the tourist attractions. But I went to all of those in the first month. Hahaha.

I have all this free time that I rather not give up but I don't do anything. I watch the Kardashian's/ Jenner's. That's my guilty pleasure. Hahaha. The more free time I have the more I spend it in front of the TV. Well, at least here. In the US I was out doing stuff. Here the TV is my friend because I have seen everything here. Maybe I should move there again and then after 19 years I'll move somewhere else. Yeah, sounds like a good plan. Hahaha. I feel like if I'll get/ find a job I won't care that much about missing an episode of the Kardashian's/ Jenner's. Missing an episode? That's what the internet is for. Hahaha. I think it would be good if I could find a job. See the value in working for your money.

your writer, Erika


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