Okay! I am not gonna lie, I looked up green card. I googled it just to see what it really is and what the difference it is to actually have one instead of a visa. I am domed, as of right now. I have nothing for me that will get me a green card. I am not saying that I want one. I am just saying. I know all about the student visa that I had so I just want learn more. It's a part of the common knowledge. I like learning, to a certain point and if I get to decide what I think is just rubbish and what is actually useful. Gosh! I am just saying that America has to be one of the hardest countries to get into unless you're a citizens. Yeah. No, it is not that it is hard it is just that it is complicated.

Look what my mom got me today! These cute wonderful cupcake cases. Ever since I bought the cupcake stand my mom have said that I need some cute cases for the stand. So she came home with these today. Yeah! Super cute, right!

Do you have any tips for cupcakes that I can make? Post the link in a comment below. Of course I have tons of cookbooks (duh!) but it would be fun to do something new. Feel free to post a link.

your writer, Erika


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