Girly Nails

Hi guys! I am sitting here watching one of my favorite reality shows, Pregnant In Heels. Ha, I love Rosie she is so funny and the show is educational too. I read her blog sometimes and I follow her on facebook. Hahaha, stalker much. Nah, but she's cool.
I meant to blog earlier tonight but I had really slow internet connection for some reason. Urgh! So, annoying! I am just saying that slow internet connection is one of the worst things in your everyday life. Don't you agree?! I mean there are of course worse things in the world but I am talking in the modern everyday life where people have modernities. Do you get what I am saying?

Since I am on a roll with this beauty theme this week I just though that I would continue with that since people seem to like it so much. Yeah! I did my nails earlier. Not the best that I have ever done but they're girly and I like it. I just sat and painted them and listened to Hot Chelle Rae. Ahhh, it was perfect. Hahaha. Do you have any favorite songs that you like to listen to when you are doing beauty treatment at home?  I don't have any favorites, I just listen to what I like to listen to at the moment.



I am just wondering, what beauty thing do you want me to do next?

your writer, Erika


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