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I met my cousin today. It was so much fun since I barely get to see her 'cause she lives in the UK and I live here, in Sweden. I was fun catching up and hear about life in the UK. I want to move there. I have always wanted to live in London. Well, always, hmm I mean since the first time I went to London, which was when I was eight. I've been to London twice. Once when I was eight and then again when I was 13. Three times, that's if you count when I flew home from Cali in December. I flew from LA to London and then from London to Stockholm. I was just at the airport so I don't really count that. Hmmm. 

I can't wait until next year when I am going to London for the 1D concert. OMG! I have a list of thing that I want to do, which means I need a job ASAP. I hate job hunting! But I need a job plus I want one 'cause that I'll have something to do. I'll find one. I'll have to otherwise I will be in some deep ass shit. I need a job, if you have one for me than please tell me! LOL.

Am I the only one that don't see the point with going to bed before 0:00 AM when you have nothing to do the next day? I mean what's the point? I mean not even if I am tired I'll go to bed before at least 11:30 PM. I don't know but it feels so lame! It kinda does. At least in my world. LOL. That's life in Erika's World. My world, my life, my rules (well, they're more like guidelines, JK they are rules).

your writer, Erika


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