Invading Sweden

Oooops! A little late update! Okay maybe not late but later than usual or whatever who cares right? A post is a post right. LOL. OMG (something I freaked out about briefly forgot but now remembers) there is probably going to open another Starbucks in Stockholm. Not a the airport, you know Arlanda, but inside the city! Freaking oh my gosh! How do I know this? I saw a wanted ad for a job there. LOL. I applied, like YOLO why not right? Plus I need a job. LOL, cross your fingers!

The weather in Stockholm has been beautiful today. Really nice! I went to the new (new, LOL the store opened in April - I think?) Sephora store in Stockholm. I needed a new facial wash and was like why not Sephora? I mean right, now that we finally have it in Sweden. The sales woman was really sweet. I mean I told her that I was really excited that Sephora finally has opened in Sweden and she said something like "Oh, thank you for visiting us." Sweet!

your writer, Erika


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