The Typical Erika

Ha I am starting a post before 10:30 PM. That's early. Well, earlier than usual. Hahaha. Yeah yeah, who cares anyway?! I mean maybe I'll post something before midnight. So what am I going to blog about then? LOL. Do you know what I am really excited for? Nickelodeondagen (the Nickeoldeon day) at Skansen on Thursday! Yeah! Isac Elliot, Anton Ewald and Oscar Zia. Mostly the first two but I want to see Oscar too. He's cute and I like #fail. I know some people from SWD that are going and I'll probably meet that girl from SWD that I have met at the two last Anton events that I have been to. I am not the biggest fan of Skansen, so I am just going there for the Nickelodeon event. I mean I am 20, I have been there done that plenty of times, like show me something new. LOL, I don't know but I am excited for Thursday, I mean just ask Linda and she'll tell you. OMG, I kinda had a slight small fangirl yesterday while I was shopping with her. She was just rolling her eyes at me. Hmm, baby I am not going to calm the fuck down. I am a fangirl and we can't keep calm. All of our emotions are heightened! Just get with it! She can kinda get like that when it comes to Jesse McCartney but not as much as me.

Have you seen the Harry Styles birdie tee at Cubus? It's a tee with two swallows on it's chest just where Harry's has his. OMG! Have to have it! I mean it's a nice t-shirt and I am a Directioner so you see that there is no way out it! I mean, get it our die! Yup, death is the only way out of it. LOL. I mean just look at it! It's like have it or die! DIE! DIE mofo. Naw no, but I am a crazy mofo. So therefore I just need it need it need it! I crave it. Fucking crave it!

your writer, Erika


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