Just Today

Happy Sunday every one! Is there such a thing as a happy Sunday? LOL, I am saying it so it is such a thing. Anyway today has been kind of an easy day. I mean like I haven't done much, I did some laundry, cleaned, went to ÖoB because I need a few things but like that's it. LOL. Yeah, sop um okay. Mom and I were supposed to eat pancakes for dinner but like the first batch was just messed up. I have no idea what was wrong with that. So my mom did a new batch, but like the two pancakes I did (before I gave up) turned out alright but they took forever. IDK. Plus like they took forever. Yeah, IDK what happened so my mom was like "Lets go and get some pizza instead". LOL so we did.

Look what I go yesterday! This really cool beach dress or whatever you can call it. OMG, it will look so hot with a bright colored bikini underneath or like a pair of light jeans short shorts and a with top. Oh em gee, I want it to be summer now! I want to go to the beach (hahahaha, only I understand why that is funny). But like I want it to be summer so that I can wear pretty summer dressed and just be girl and fun and you know all of that summer stuff!

I also got this really cool framed Vouge cover from 1913. Wow, that is just so awesome! It's over 100 years old. It's gonna look so cool on my photo wall, I just need to rearrange now. I mean like I have the Anton Ewald poster framed and a bunch a photographs which I have spread out over the wall now I need to rethink about how I want to all since the Vouge cover is pretty big (well the frame is big). I'll post a picture later when I have it up on the wall.

your writer, Erika


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