Am I he only one that like see a a piece of clothing and just because I want it so much I imagine how much better my life will be if I have it? Is it just me or does any of you do it too? LOL. I do that, sometimes. Not all of the time. Anyway, you know that jacket I posted a picture of last week? You know one from the JC (check it out here incase you don't remember). Like I want that jacket so much and IDK but I have this made up scenario in my head about how much better my life will be because of it and how better I will look and how much more confident it will make me. Yep. No way of really knowing if all of that is true until I actually have the jacket. LOL but I am so getting this jacket. Either way, if I have a better life or not because of this jacket I will sure as hell look amazing in it. One weird thing about it though, it's cheeper online including the shipping than it is in store. Okay maybe the jacket I looked at was miss marked but still. I am getting it.

Do you have any special beauty product that you use? I really like Neutrogena. Especially their oil-free moisturiser. The regular one not the one with pink grapefruit. I can't use facial products with citrus fruits, it irritates my skin. The pink grapefruit smells good though. I love Neutrogena, they're really nice for your skin. I have been using them for years. IDK if I have a favorite product, I just think that they're good in general.

Hmm, I was just thinking about it (referring to the jacket story now) that I mean like I believe that if you  look good you feel good. Plus if you feel good you're life is better. So, if I get that jacket, which I am going to look amazing in, won't my life be better than. I mean it will but maybe not just the way, like the scenario in my head. LOL.

your writer, Erika


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