Something New, Something Old

So basically I haven't done much today. I mean like I haven't left the apartment, except for opening the door to reach the mail box so that I could get the mail but like that doesn't count. Hahaha. I did bake some more bread tough and I did do the dishes. So, um, yeah. At least that's something. Tomorrow I am not going to do much either, except for studying. You see I am starting this new job on Wednesday and they gave me a introduction book that I have to read but like it's mostly obvious things. I mean to always be nice to the customer and always have a smile on your face etc etc. But like the book is (I think it was) 137 pages but there is not a lot on every page so I will probably finish it in like half an hour or so. You also had to write down things in the book. Like OMG, I thought that I was done with school. Homework, I meant homework. Hahahaha.

Hmmm. Don't know what else to write here so I prompt you all to check out my tumblr,

your writer, Erika


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