A New Beginning

Hi guys. So I started my new job today and I can say that I have had more fun. There is just so much to think about and you just always have to alert. But like everyone who works there says that ones I get used to everything it won't be as hard. IDK, hopefully. I mean this so not up my ally. Hahahaha. But I am not planning on make a career there. Hmm, but like my boss said that she started there 13 years ago when she moved to Stockholm because she needed a job and after two weeks she wanted to quit but she didn't and now 13 years have past. I don't think that will be me. You never know, but I don't think so.

On my break today I went to JC because I saw this jacket in their window display. I just wanted to try it on. I love it. It's really me. I can't wear it now, well I can wear an other jack over it because this is more of a spring jacket. I really love it. Maybe it they still have it when I'll get my first salary I'll buy it. Hahahaha because then I have earned that bitch. You can check out the jacket here http://www.jc.se/cr-meja-it-jacket.

(source/ credit to: http://www.jc.se/cr-meja-it-jacket)

(source/ credit to: http://www.jc.se/cr-meja-it-jacket)

your writer, Erika


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