The Ultimate Dream

Isn't like the ultimate fangirl dream to be pulled up on stage by your idol and having them serenade you one of their songs? Okay maybe that is not the ultimate dream but it's pretty close, it's at least in the top 5. A few things can top that. LOL. Hmm. Seriously one of my biggest dreams is to be Justin's OLLG. Yeah. Like, I love him and I love that song so much! I mean I remember the day the music video for One Less Lonely Girl came out, like I had it on repeat. I was addicted! It would be so special to be the OLLG. Hmm, I wonder if he will still do that on future tours? Hmm. OMG! I also like top be Austin's U girl. I really hope the opens from Miley on the European leg of the Bangerz Tour and that he sings that song and pull a girl up on stage, aka me! Though I am going with a friend but she will have to survive those that little time alone, no way I am passing on an opportunity like that. I wonder who pics the U girl for Austin? I mean like if I knew who it was I'd knew who to bribe. LOL. Is the Bieber team bribable? I mean, like what can I do to increase your chances to be the OLLG. Hahahaha. Maybe I can DM Patrick on twitter, since we have that connection. LOL.

So what are y'all doing tomorrow? I want to do my nails so freaking bad but I am not allowed to wear nail polish at work. Bummer. I just want to have like all white nails or just pretty pink nails. Something just very clean cut and fresh and you know, girly. I want to be me for a little second. Like now I only give myself is like just so simple. I mean like I just cut them a teeny tiny bit and then I trim the so that they look even and the I cut the cuticles. I want to look as fresh as possible.

your writer, Erika


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