We Got Work To Do

Yolo motherlovers! How are you today? I had a day off today and I feel like it was well needed and well deserved. Like yesterday I worked until 9 PM, hahaha though like I was told that I could leave early. Like 20 minutes but whatever I felt at that point so I stayed until 9 PM. LOL. Tomorrow I start at 4 PM and work until 9 PM again and on Friday I only work between 1 PM and 5 PM. Nice! Which means I get to sleep in and got to work and basically do nothing. There is often not that many people that come in at like 1 PM. Well those who eat late lunch and I guess kids who just got off school and just want an ice cream or just want a little snack. So hopefully they won't put me in charge of the fires, 'cause that place my friend, is hell on earth. Me not likey. LOL.

So fangirls we got a lot on our plate are the moment. Well, I guess it all depends on which fandoms you're a part of. This for the Belieber fandom, Mahomie fandom and Simpsonizer fandom. Beliebers first, okay so we need to get Justin Bieber's music video Baby to one billion (1,000,000,000) views before Justin's birthday in March 1st. We're currently at 990,912,278 views. His birthday is next Saturday so watch watch watch and do nothing but watch the video. Just open this playlist in several tabs and Baby be on repeat.Okay so Mahomies second. Austin needs to get 6 million followers before his birthday on April 4th. I mean like it would be very cool if could give him 6 million followers as an 18th birthday present. The same for Justin. Like it would be very awesome if Baby got 1 billion views before his birthday. What an awesome birthday present! Think how happy they both would be if both of those gold are reached. Follow @austinmahone on twitter. Simpsonizers third, we need to to his for Cody's girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Please vote for Gigi to be Sports Illustrated 2014 Swimsuit Rookie of the Year! Vote for Gigi here.

your writer, Erika


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