It's Fri-YAY!

It's Friday! Or better know as Fri-Yay! Hahaha. Now that I work office hours I so do appriciate weekends way way more than I did when I worked at Espresso House. Side note: I have lost me staff discount at EH. I knew that this day would come, I just in reality never thought that it actually would happen. Well well. Okay back to the post, it's Friday and I appriciate weekends way more now because I always have weekends off from work. I hated working weekends and I used to always tell my boss at EH not to schedule me on weeekends. But she did so anyway because for some reason she hated my. I don't know why I mean I am such a lovely person.

I am excited for this weekend because I am hopefully going to meet my cousin tomorrow. We'll see. We had plans to do something tonight but then we realised that it was better to meet up tomorrow. I am also going to try and do some work for my blog. This blog is starting to take up more and more time of my life. I love it though and that is what I want. So much has happaned in the past few months with this blog and I am really excited about what 2017 has to bring! Let's go!

your writer, Erika


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