Hello! Sorry for such a late post but I didn't know what to blog about earlier and I also have just been feeling off all day. Like I am about to get sick or something. Not like I am going puke or anything, but just that I am about to get sick. That is a strange feeling for me because I am very healthy and I never get sick. One or twice a year, but I have already been sick this year so nope.

Other than that I actually feel good. But since I have been feel off all day I skipped my cardio and did yoga instead. I don't really don't like skipping a workout and since I didn't actually feel sick I decided to workout anyway but keep it simple. If you workout a lot it is actually better for you to continue to do some type of excise when you're sick because it will help you recover faster. But it's always important to listen to your body

your writer, Erika


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