Benefits with The Plank

Hello my darlings! How are you? I am good. Last month was a really good month for Erika's World. That is mostly because of you! I mean of course I produce all of the content but without you my fantastic readers I wouldn't really have much. So thank you! It means a lot!

I told you guys that I switched from doing back-lifts and sit-ups to doing the plank. I do it for one minute at a time, rest for 15 seconds and repeat it five times. Yesterday I wasn't really sure if it was substitute but it really seems like it is. There are plenty of health benefits from doing the plank every single day. I thought that I would tell you about three of the benefits from doing the plank every day.

1. TONED TUMMY. When you do the plank every day you'll strengthen your core and your adbominal muscles. Doing the plank is actually way more efficient than doing crunches! Who could have guessed that? Not me anyway. The plank provides 100% activation of your six pack muscles whereas doing crunches only provides 64%. It obvious here which one to choose to get a flat tummy.

2. INCREASED METABOLISM & FAT BURN. Strength training is a way more efficient way of burning fat than cardiovascular excircises but it won't burn as much fat. The thing that strength training does that cardiovascular exircises don't do is that it increases you metabolic rate even after you stopped working out. This one is great for all of you desk workers because it will ensure that you burn more fat even when you're sitting down. You will burn an additional 50 calories for every pund of muscle that you gain.

3. BETTER BONE AND JOINT HEALTH. Physical activity is also vital for a good bone and joint health. Weight-bearing exircises put stress on the bones attatched to the muscles which stimulates them to rebuild themselves. This is key for a good bone and joint health.

your writer, Erika


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