The Day Has Finally Come...

Good morning my darlings! How are you today? It's election day! I think that the whole world is on the edge of their seats right now. My cousin told me that she just wanted this day to be over and wished that it was Wednesday. Me too honey boo boo, me too. Well well, as painful as this day might be we just have to get through it together. Alright?

Urgh! Another doomsday has come, yesterday was the first day that I had to use my winter coat! No! I don't like winter coats because they just make you look big and fluffy. You know, Gabriel Iglesias style. I like my winter coat though, it's from Tommy Hilfiger. A couple of years ago I got my sisters old winter coat but I used like maximum five times because it's like a tent on me. Not that she is big she is just taller than me. I don't think that I ever used it last year because it wasn't that cold so I could use my black coat from ZARA. This year I decided to invest in a real winter coat because it's just good to have one and the one I got from my sister I am trying to sell on blocket. If no one wants it I am just going to give it away to charity.

But since I just have one winter coat that makes me look like Gabriel Iglesias's twin I am thinking about buying this gorgeous coat from Ralph Lauren. It's not really that expensive but it's still a lot more than 500kr at H&M. I have a bunch of coats at home so I am trying to tell myself to buy it because I don't really need it and you don't always have to buy something because it's pretty, you know.

Me in my new winter coat.

your writer, Erika


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