Mr. Wifi & I

Hi! How are you? I am okay except for the fact the wifi signal is just as useless as shit right now. OMG, nothing annoys me as much as a crappy wifi signal (I know I know, first world problem). I don't know why but I just feel this huge kind of rage like feeling building up inside of me. Like oh my God can you just work for at least 30 minutes straight so that I can finish this blog post. But now way, you decided that it is more fun to fucking mess with me and only work for about 30 seconds and then not work for the next five minutes or so and then you continue like that, over and over. Like motherfucker please STOP, you little piece if shit!!!! If I had more 3G in my phone, OH BELIEVE ME, that you and I would have no relationship at all. So I feel like now that you and I are stuck in this fucking horrible situation that you could be a little bit more reasonable and mother fucking work with me! Ha, well at least any normal human being would think so. Oh, that's right, my bad - you're not human. You are just some thingy floating in the air connecting to (in your case not so much, you little cunt!) devices that are able to receive a wifi connection.

I don't think that you really understand my anger and frustration here! Like these are horrible living conditions. Like I am being abused and bullied by the wifi here. Anyone who has ever been bullied gotta know how I am feeling.

Yeah, yeah. I might be over exaggerating a teeny tiny bit here on some points but like don't give me something that I really really need and then take it back and give it back every two minutes. Like it's not okay. Oh my God. No! Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

your writer, Erika


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