The Party People

So did you watch Partaj? I always watch it now that I am on it. Hahaha. But it is just more fun. There is no shame in watching a TV show just because you're on it. Hahaha. No, but I watch it. Høllefjord was interesting this week. LOL. We had so much fun on set that day! Especially when we shot the music class scene. Everyone was trying so hard not to laugh! It was hysterical!!!

All of the party people :)

My wardrobe for this weeks' episode :)

I was taking a few selfie's and one of the guys got annoyed so he asked me if I wanted him to take a picture of....

.... which was cool 'cause I was kind of about to ask him anyway :)

LOL, without really thinking about my make-up ended up matching my skirt :)


your writer, Erika


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